Your Very Own For-Real LLC

So over a year ago (… wait, really? o_o…) I wrote a little article explaining the basic differences between Inc. and LLC. I ended the article saying that for a fledgling indie developer like A Jolly Corpse, LLC was the natural choice. They’re super easy and cheap to set up, free from complicated taxes and regulations, and still give the owners much of the protection Incs do. So if you’re also starting a little studio, it may be for you, too!

But it’s so scary!

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The Motivatron 6000

There exists in game development a question we all see being discussed constantly, that I myself am asked directly fairly often, and whose resolution seems to continually elude us. That question is “How in the name of the Greek god Hades can I stay motivated?” Wording and religious context may differ, but it’s an Alundra-esque conundrum with which nearly all of us struggle. Game development is one of the most involved and protracted creative processes out there. It’s especially daunting for tiny independent devs, who are generally tasked with such a huge amount of work it makes constructing the Death Star seem feasible.

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Should I Inc. or Should I LLC?

For just about every freeware indie game dev there comes a point where you say to yourself, “Self, you’re spending more time making games than you are studying, working, and having a social life. Freeware’s great and all, but eventually you want to do this for a living, right?” If you’re starting to get really serious about your hobby you’ll probably want to turn it into a career sooner or later. After all, what could be better than making a living doing something you already love doing for free?

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