About Jesse

So, after all this time, here we are again. Back in the saddle! Running a game studio. Well… trying to start one, anyways. It’s been about six years since Fallen Angel officially kicked the bucket – ‘officially’ meaning the last member realized we weren’t doing much anymore, were mostly out of contact, and didn’t even have a website (sorry, Zorro!) – and it’s about damn time Beau and I were doing something constructive again. So this time we’re doing it legit – for monies. Hopefully lots of ’em. Soooo if you’d like to head on over to our site there ‘n give us some of your mo–

“Who the hell are you?”

Oh, right. Good of you to ask! Name’s Jesse. In high school I met a weird quiet dude named Beau and history was made. Actually just a bunch of shitty click games. But some of them were not shitty (or at least not as shitty) and a smidgen of history actually was made when a fledgling “Klik” company called Fallen Angel Industries released Factor X, a Smash TV-esque shooter Beau developed with a bit of help from yours truly. After that the group blew up, swelling to astronomical proportions (around 10 guys) and dominating the tiny Klik community along with the likes of Natomic Studios and Derek Yu (gasp!). I ran the website for the group and we started producing some real quality stuff (mostly people other than myself… though I did make Douglas Circumstance, which was pretty good) and were pretty well-liked and admired. But then we broke up.


Indeed. ‘Twas a dark, sad, dark time. The infamous faind.com domain had been snagged up by squatters, in an act of cyber-terror the horrific likes of which have yet to be matched. That in itself wouldn’t have killed us off (Beau and I even got around to purchasing a new domain, and started designing a new site, but… yeah), but I’d moved to Tokyo, gotten a real job, and Beau’d gotten a job too (and even a kid!), and we were busy with boring real stuff, and while we still made games as a hobby, we didn’t have the kind of time necessary to run a group and a website and participate in a community anymore. After that the rest of the crew moved on as well, going to school and getting their own jobs and whatnot. And so forth.

“And you have time now?”

Nope! But we’re going to try again anyway. Check us out at a jolly corpse, our new group.

“So what’s this blog about?”

I’m not quite sure yet…  But, seeing as how we’re trying to start a new indie game studio, and there can’t ever be too much literature on doing that, I figured I should take some notes all throughout the process and share my experiences. Where I can, if I have any potentially useful thoughts, I’ll try to impart some advice. But really I’ll probably mostly post useless stuff that’s amusing only to myself.

“What makes YOU qualified to give ME advice?”

Nothing! I’m certainly not. You’d be wiser to read a blog by somebody much smarter and more successful than myself. But if this road does finally lead to success, then after a while there’s bound to be some words of wisdom somewhere in here.