Apple Reveals 2013 MacBook Pro

Following Apple’s much anticipated announcements regarding OS X Mountain Lion, the state-of-the-art new operating system slated for release this summer, breaking news was made this afternoon when an additional online press release gave details about the 2013 MacBook Pro.

Says the press release: “Prepare for the world’s most advanced notebook to change how you see personal computing one more time.

“MacBook’s new display is bigger, brighter, and more beautiful than any high definition screen ever before.

“Apple’s new patented USP connections replace archaic USB ports, allowing streamlined synchronization with all your Apple devices.

“New Multi-Touch™ gestures allow you to connect seamlessly and instantly to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,  iCloud, iGalaxy, iWallet, iLife, and iGalaxy GX.

“MacBook Pro’s designers have worked tirelessly on its beautiful new look, and you can tell. And others can, too.”

The release goes on to state that the new MacBook won’t see shelves until quarter four 2012, but our inside sources have told us a Limited Edition 20-million unit run will be made available for pre-order at an “Executive Price” to customers with Apple Platinum ID status this fall. The news appears to have gotten out, as lines of Apple Platinum ID members have already begun to appear outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store.

The new feature claims are bold, but if Apple can deliver, the company is sure to edge its way further into our lives, and our hearts. And if this reporter can speak candidly, I’ve got to get myself down to Fifth Ave.


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