Chapter 15 [The Wharf]

The nonthreatening big band fanfare and crescendoing tuba of a post commercial break already-in-progress There Goes the Naaaayyy-borhood segue grabbed Evan’s attention back, and he watched intently on the LC monitor as one of his favorite episodes resumed, in which Molly is most troubled about which of Roy and Mac to accompany to the homecoming dance, because, you see, Roy is ever so handsome, and so adept at patching errant internal security algorithms, but Mac is just one of those wild ones, which, try as she might, just about no girl can resist, and little Michael never can pass up the chance to make a big ol’ fool of his older sister with a well-timed bit of PLA hacking and prankstering, all of which Mr. Fredd is always sure to advise against with a spirited clomping of hooved heels on hay and sudden pressurized expulsion of lengthy nasal pathway air and according nasal chamber matter, before ultimately through the archaic viewer choice input module (statistics of which were calculated during-commercial-break) she is, Evan knew, predetermined to choose the reliable Roy, much to the glee of network sponsors.

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